Testimonials about Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre and Inspire Momentum Neuro Linguistic Programming

“When I first discovered Phyllis I was essentially at the end of my rope. I had spent thousands of dollars and countless hours with various therapies in an effort to solve a very specific problem in my life. By working with Phyllis the problem which had been present for years was handled in just a handful of calls! Not only am I benefitting from the massive breakthroughs experienced as a result of the techniques I learned from Phyllis but my family is as well.

Phyllis is a rare combination of coach, mentor, and trusted friend. She creates the safest of spaces to do the real work involved in lasting personal transformation. There is no combinations of words that can capture my gratitude for her help and support.” – Gary T

“This (Financial Goal Planning Workshop) was a great exercise. I had always made goals but never as detailed as we did in your workshop. Also, when the question came up do you have the means to fulfill this goal, my light bulb went off. I just had to do my part to make this work…” – Karen Y

“Working with Phyllis just since May has been amazing! I debated about spending the money until I saw a billboard ad for a month of DOG training was MORE than what I was paying for the Sojourn therapy! I am worth it! Today I have clarity about what I want and what I need to do to get the results I want thanks to working with Phyllis.” – Doris L

“Before I met Phyllis it sometimes felt like I’d been on one failed diet after another forever. Phyllis helped me understand the emotional triggers for my eating habits, and how to find spiritual nourishment from things that didn’t come in wrappers! I’m so grateful that I found NLP Life Coaching and that I’ve been able to learn to love my new — thinner — self.” – Susan W

“I can’t express the gratitude I feel for having had the opportunity to work with you. I finally feel that there really is hope for a better future. You have given me invaluable tools to work with in order to make my life — and that of my loved ones — happier.” – Rosanne M

“I have set hundreds of goals in my life, personal, business, family, and never was able to actually follow through. After taking the NLP Goal Planning Workshop with Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre, I was able to set a real goal and finally have the specific steps to reach it! It was exactly what I needed to get me to move forward!” – Kathy D

“Although I did not know what to expect from my NLP Life Coaching session with Phyllis, I knew I could trust her passion and her coaching skills to guide me out of the traumatic fear I was still experiencing after a childhood incident that happened over 20 years ago. She gently and assuredly brought me out of the trauma that was still lodged in my memory. I will, and do, recommend Phyllis to anyone and everyone. She is truly gifted. The experience was amazing and most importantly the traumatic reaction has gone.” – Lynda T

“Have you ever wanted to accomplish something in life and just ended up coming to a road block? I believe it is best described as having a “writers block” when trying to accomplish something very important.

After doing some research I found out about NLP Life Coaching! NLP allows you to really understand your thought patterns and habits that are standing between you and the things you want.

With the help of an good NLP Life Coach you will be able to quickly identify those habits and mold them into a desired outcome. I have been working with Phyllis LeFevre, a popular NLP Life Coach, who through the art of NLP has provided me the guidance to focus on the details of my goals and how to accomplish them!

I have never been more clear about not only what I want to change about myself, but also the steps that I need to take to make it happen. I recommend to everyone who wants to make changes in their life, regardless of the change, to contact Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre and set your appointment up! I promise you won’t regret it!” – Derek P

“I would recommend the Goal Planning Workshop to anyone that is in business or anyone that has personal goals. In other words, ANYONE. I took the workshop and it was very beneficial.” – Jerri B

“Thank you so much for my session on conflict resolution. I loved it. I’m amazed at how this simple process brought such clarity to my life. It has really allowed me to move forward with ease and grace. You kept me on track during the session and that is no easy feat I’m sure. Thank you so much. You are awesome! NLP Life Coaching really works.” – Janet S

“Since my NLP coaching sessions with Phyllis Lefevre I have developed so much more confidence as a public speaker with the added benefit of expressing myself more authentically.” – Linda F

“As I approached my 50th birthday, I realized that I’d been sabotaging myself professionally for a very long time. Not only had I limited my professional achievements, but I failed to enjoy what I did accomplish. Phyllis helped me understand what my pay-off was in undermining myself in business, and once I understood that the behavior went away. I’ve had two superb years since my Life Coaching sessions with Phyllis, and can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Phyllis!” – Daniel K

“Phyllis, I am so pleased with the progress that my son has made in such a small amount of time. He seems to be excited he is clicking with things instead of fighting and has been a joy, most of the time, to be around. He has not been piled up in front of his computer and it has been a very welcomed and sought after change. Thank you so much. In fact he asked me if he could continue with you. 🙂 In my mind it’s the best money I’ve spent on him so far.” – C.Y.

“…they bring magic into peoples’ lives. They emphasize the possibilities open to everyone and believe in the power of potential!” – Leslie N

“One afternoon I heard Phyllis explaining how through NLP Life Coaching she had assisted another young women with an issue of weight control. She explained how through our unconscious actions we can actually sabotage our own efforts in making significant changes in our lives.

My mind began to wonder and I thought if she some how could assist me in feeling totally comfortable about performing one of the Permanent Cosmetic procedures I offer my clients, I would be so happy. I knew I could do the procedure, but something was keeping from feeling the confidence I wanted to feel.

Today after just one coaching session with Phyllis, and her ability to explore and uncover feelings, I have learned a pressure touch on my shoulder by myself and the newly acquired ability to focus just before this procedure was to be performed, I can automatically feel relaxed and totally confident as I perform the Permanent Cosmetic procedure for my client.

I am so happy to have found Phyllis, and would recommend her to anyone wanting to make a significant life change.” – Jeanne H, RN, CPCP

“Phyllis is a very creative Life Coach who endeavors to make the world a better place for the rest of us. Her outlook and life philosophies bring encouragement and enlightenment to everyday tasks. She seeks to educate in positive and resourceful ways that engage, and she has a strong commitment to all that she does.” – Janet H

“Not only did my allergic reactions dramatically decrease, but Phyllis’ relaxed approach made the experience easy and fun!” – Hayden A

“Hi, Phyllis – I don’t know if I even told you thank you – too overwhelmed with the incredible experience – sort of in a brain fog. So now I’ll say – though there are not really adequate words – how much I appreciate you, your NLP coaching and your beautiful wisdom and gifts that you shared with me this afternoon. I’m looking forward to the next step in the process!” – Judy H

“Before I started working with Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre, the Momentum team and NLP Life Coaching, I did not address the three dimensions of successful weight loss: activity, nutrition and beliefs. I believe that permanent weight loss without all three is like baking a cake without all of the ingredients; it just does not work.” – Tamara T

“Not only do I look and feel better, I also have more self-confidence and energy. I am much more cheerful and willing to take on new challenges. My success is due in large part to the passion these women have for their coaching and commitment to helping me reach my goals.” – Marva S

Phyllis LeFevre is a certified NLP Life Coach and Wellness Practitioner based near Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina, who develops individualized programs for permanent lifestyle change. Her company, Inspire Momentum NLP, works with clients in a one-on-one setting designing customized coaching programs that will ensure success. You can contact her at (801) 244 8333 or phyllis@inspiremomentum.com