To achieve and sustain success, businesses need to find ways of managing increasingly rapid change, and implement programs that help individuals within their workforces communicate more effectively and rapidly.

NLP has proven to be a powerful tool for increasing the effectiveness of communication within corporate workforces, and teaches communication skills that improve not only internal business communications, but relationships with clients and outside suppliers as well.

NLP corporate team trainings teach that each of us has a different perception of the world, and that good communication is based upon conscious awareness of this fact.

The NLP approach to improved business communication is based on studies of the most effective business communicators in many fields. NLP corporate trainings are entirely performance oriented: they utilize what works and do not seek to impose “management” theories. NLP facilitates business people learning from their actual business experiences.

NLP is distinguished by its scope and depth. Using simple yet sophisticated tools and processes, NLP illuminates both business behaviors and the thinking that leads to the behaviors. It teaches awareness of the relationships between people in the workplace and the effect of actions on co-workers and other business associates.

At NLP corporate workshops the components of thinking, behaving and business relationships are examined in detail, and workshop participants learn to put into practice new ways of thinking and behaving that improve performance.

NLP nurtures the seeds of success that lie within every individual and organization, and facilitates better relationships between people at work by opening up communication skills that all of us have, but of which we are often unaware.

NLP knows that good business communicators achieve their goals by being aware and responsive to the needs of others, and appreciating the wider effects to their actions inside and outside of the organization.

NLP promotes resourcefulness and creativity by encouraging greater breadth of awareness, thought and action.

NLP is built around the link between the mind and body — how what we believe and the way in which we think affects our physiology — which has particular relevance in sales and public presentation business settings.

For example, a presenter — or sales person — who feels under pressure stands off-balance, with drooping shoulders that restrict breathing and begins to think negatively.

NLP teaches that simply by recovering balance and standing and moving in a relaxed and upright way, breathing becomes deeper and easier. This leads directly to positive thinking that enables sales person or presenter to communicate more effectively — and moves him / her closer to the business goal.

NLP also offers business people tools to interpret physical clues that help them better understand others’ thinking.

These physical behaviors can be as small as a micro-muscle movement, the flicker of an eye, the tone of voice or the unconscious choice of particular words. Conscious awareness of these subtle nonverbal behaviors lead to a far deeper understanding of other peoples thought processes, and offers enormous advantages to those attempting to create consensus to accomplish business objectives.

NLP corporate trainings can be highly useful in personal and team goal-setting; time-management; increasing the ability to read people; and improving rapport and communication channels for people at all levels in an organization.

NLP business skills have proven valuable to directors of multinational companies, middle managers responsible for introducing strategic change and front-line employees, such as customer service personnel, salespeople and trainers.

We encourage you to consider how NLP corporate team trainings can be helpful to your business. Please contact Phyllis LeFevre directly to discuss InspireMomentum corporate training at your firm.

Phyllis LeFevre is a certified NLP Life Coach and Wellness Practitioner based near Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina, who develops individualized programs for permanent lifestyle change. Her company, Inspire Momentum NLP, works with clients in a one-on-one setting designing customized coaching programs that will ensure success. You can contact her at (801) 244 8333 or