As NLP Life Coaches committed to helping clients establish healthy nutritional habits and lose and maintain proper body weight, we often meet clients who have been bouncing between one diet and another like pinballs in an arcade.

Often these clients are discouraged, and feel that their inability to lose or maintain weight represents a personal failure. For many, this feeling of failure becomes another reason to eat — usually high sugar, salt and fat “comfort” foods — further exacerbating their weight problem.

If you feel discouraged about your diet remember: you are not alone and, in many cases, have been sold false weight loss programs and promises that were primarily designed to profit the weight loss industry.

As Americans struggle to lose and maintain proper weight, those who sell fad diets and products have massively prospered. Now reaping over 40 billion dollar per year, the weight-loss industry sells cure-all “solutions” to people desperate for magic bullet solutions.

The range of products and programs is breathtaking: everything from Jenny Craig’s all-inclusive food service packages and promises (“lose 20 pounds for just $20″…plus the cost of highly processed, packaged food) to countless shallow articles in glossy magazines that offer unrealistic unworkable quick-fix solutions.

Strange pseudo-science plays a role in many of these diets, more extreme examples being programs that allege that they allow high caloric intake while enabling weight loss, or diets that are allegedly tailored to blood type.

Many fad diets can potentially be dangerous. For some, the Atkins diet can trigger tremendous metabolic imbalances due to insufficient carbohydrates, and can result in calcium loss in bones, making fractures far more likely. In addition, Atkins has been associated with a multitude of health problems related to the excessive load the diet places on the kidneys and liver.

NLP Life Coaches understand that the reality of sustainable weight loss and maintenance is far simpler — and less expensive!

  • Losing weight requires you to consume fewer calories than you burn.
  • Maintaining your weight requires that you consistently match the calories you consume with those you burn.
  • Exercise is a necessary component of any successful and sustainable weight management program.
  • All sustainable weight loss is based upon healthy balanced nutrition, and important cornerstones of healthy eating — fruits and vegetables — are some of the least expensive items in any grocery store.

NLP coaching offers a path to healthy eating, diet and weight control that is not based upon gimmicks, fads or diet products, and that is grounded in proven principals of mental well-being that create a positive relationship between you and food and allow to change your eating habits.

Magazine pop-psychology aside, NLP Life Coaches know that there is a mental component to what — and how much — we eat. NLP coaching addresses the root causes of triggers that make a person to over eat or eat unhealthy foods, and teaches practical tools and techniques that eliminate those triggers.

The NLP approach to weight loss and maintenance is holistic: we do not treat the symptom — excessive weight — we treat its’ causes, whether that means teaching clients to make better food choices or addressing underlying mental issues to lead to an inability to control weight.

Once root causes and patterns of behavior are addressed, weight issues disappear naturally.

We encourage you to consider how NLP Life Coaching can help you establish good nutritional practices that will naturally give you control of your weight.

One further thought: The modern American diet is awash in processed foods, virtually all of which contain unhealthy amounts of sugar, salt and fat. We urge you to try to consume more natural — unprocessed — foods such as fruits and vegetables. They’re delicious, nutritious, and cheap!

Phyllis LeFevre is a certified NLP Life Coach and Wellness Practitioner based near Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina, who develops individualized programs for permanent lifestyle change. Her company, Inspire Momentum NLP, works with clients in a one-on-one setting designing customized coaching programs that will ensure success. You can contact her at (801) 244 8333 or