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19 Articles and Essays by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre


Making our Holidays Really Happy

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about beating the Holiday Blues and experiencing the true joy of the season!


“For many people, at least part of the unhappiness surrounding the holidays flows from a disconnect between the circumstances that they find themselves in and the images of “perfect” holidays portrayed by advertisers and the media…what if I don’t have a significant-other; or I’m separated from my significant-other; or my family is fractured; or I’ve just lost my job?…for people in less than ideal circumstances — and that describes virtually everybody — it’s just darn hard to live up to the Norman Rockwell version of what the holidays are supposed to look like!…”


Holiday Stress, and how to overcome it!

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how to overcome Holiday Stress and truly love The Holiday Season!


“Most of us visualize the holidays fondly — at least when they’re pretty far in the past or future. Past holidays are usually remembered for their most joyful moments, future holidays are imagined as islands of uninterrupted bliss…as NLP life coaches the single word we most often hear associated with the holidays is “stress”…


Beating Procrastination in the New Year!

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how to stop putting off meaningful change and how to beat the habit of procrastination permanently!


“As we enter the New Year many of us look back at what we thought we really-really intended to do in the past year — and notice that things we thought we wanted to do didn’t get done…There are an infinite number of reasons why people procrastinate, but four of the really popular ones are…”


The difference between Resolutions and Goals

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how resolutions are not goals – and how to set attainable goals and achieve them!


“Resolving to change for the good is certainly better than passive acceptance of the status quo, but the problem is sticking with your resolution long enough to experience the desired results…weight loss — the number one resolution — is a perfect example of the difference between having a vague intention and having a plan. “Lose some weight” is not a plan, or even a tangible goal…”


Moving Beyond the Fear of Failure

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how NLP Life Coaching can help you overcome fear of failing to achieve personal and professional goals.


“…for many people Fear of Failure — one form of self-doubt — is often the fundamental obstacle to real change. Whether it is difficulty with weight loss or business and professional frustrations, Fear of Failure robs a person of the ability to even attempt setting and actively striving towards positive goals…”


Is Your Brain Fighting Against Your New Year’s Resolutions?

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about the mental obstacles we encounter when attempting to fulfill New Years Resolutions, especially about losing weight!


“Did you make New Year’s resolutions this year to lose weight and / or start exercising? If you answered “yes”, you aren’t alone: weight loss and fitness goals are the most mentioned resolutions every year! If you are sticking with it — making healthy eating choices and exercising consistently — give yourself credit and congratulate yourself!…If not, what is stopping you?”


Articles about diet, nutrition and wellness


Emotional Eating

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how emotions — not physical hunger — often drive our eating habits.


“It is an old adage that we eat to survive, but in modern developed countries that is really only a small part of the picture…Chronic obesity, bulimia and a host of other food and eating-related diseases and disorders are mostly products of modern times and modern lifestyles, and the 24/7/365 availability of food to most people living in prosperous countries…”


Paula Deen and The American Obesity Machine

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how the unhealthy consequences of eating Paula Deen Cuisine.


“Food prepared the Paula Deen Way is a perfect example of how far off the healthy track American eating habits have strayed — and how difficult it can be for Americans to re-establish a healthy relationship to healthy food…any discussion of Paula Deen’s cuisine has to begin in the kitchen — with her recipes that are contained in the four cookbooks she has authored and countless video presentations of her cooking on Food Network shows and guest-chef appearances on other television shows…”


Tripwire Dates and Remembering What You Want

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how to teach yourself how to do more than “stick with a diet” and genuinely transform your relationship to food.


“One of the greatest hurdles we face when trying to stick with resolutions related to better diet and health are the maddeningly frequent “special” days embedded in the American cultural calendar and our mental maps of the year…”


Eating in The Moment: Slow Down!

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how the culture of Fast Meals is unhealthy — and how to slow down, enjoy food more, and lose weight!


“…super-sized restaurant meals, take-out and fast food eating in the United States have clearly contributed to the epidemic of obesity in America…But fast food, take-out and restaurant food are only part of the problem: the American culture of Fast Meals may be warping your entire approach to eating, whether in a restaurant or in your home…”


Are You a Binge Dieter?

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about why fad diets usually fail, can be unhealthy, and how NLP and good nutrition are the healthy way to lose and maintain proper weight.


“If you feel discouraged about your diet remember: you are not alone and, in many cases, have been sold false weight loss programs and promises that were primarily designed to profit the weight loss industry.”


Making Comfort Foods Part of a Healthy Diet

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how comfort foods can remain a part of a healthy diet that is nutritionally balanced.


“Everyone should be able to enjoy comfort foods entirely guilt-free from time to time, but when comfort foods become central to your diet there are substantial issues related to weight loss, maintenance and overall nutritional health.”


Doing Your Diet a Favor by Using Artificial Sweeteners?

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how artificial sweeteners are often bad for your diet and suggestions of healthy natural alternatives.


“Think you’re doing your diet a favor by using artificial sweeteners? — Maybe yes, probably no…Many of us trying to lose weight have turned to diet sodas and artificial sweeteners as a way to decrease the number of calories we consume. But artificial sweeteners — whether as an ingredient in soda or in other foods — often create their own problems.”


Body Image, Self-Esteem and Weight

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about the role that body image plays in weight loss and maintaining healthy weight.


“Americas’ relentless insistence that only slender bodies are beautiful makes appropriate self-esteem very difficult for many. Studies have shown that the majority of Americans are not happy with their appearance. We are a nation obsessed with how we look, and increasingly we don’t like what we see.”


Can Oatmeal Make You Fat? You Betcha!

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how the American version of oatmeal can often be unhealthy — and have more calories than a candy bar!


“…the fast food colossus McDonald’s and the genius of American marketing have teamed up to create what might seem impossible: fattening oatmeal, available both in restaurants and in your own kitchen!”


The Importance of Fruits and Vegetables

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about the role that consumption of proper quantities of fruits and vegetables play in nutritional health, weight loss and overall physical wellness.


“Eating choices reflect patterns of thought…NLP enables mental changes that make the health benefits of fruits and vegetables a positive force in our clients’ lives, and that positive force makes increased consumption of these healthy and nutritious foods as natural as breathing…”


Articles about business, professional and workplace issues


Breaking the Glass Ceiling

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how professional women can overcome the Glass Ceiling using NLP Life Coaching to improve self-image and confidence.


“While some business women are denied advancement as a result of gender stereotyping — such as the assumption that a female employee can’t or won’t accept an overseas assignment because of family obligations — the reasons for the persistence of the Glass Ceiling in American business are complex, and not always solely rooted in persistent male bias.”


Achieving Professional Goals

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about setting and achieving professional, business and financial goals using NLP Life Coaching tools.


“…far more important than external factors and perceived material limitations are internal factors that prevent people from realizing professional goals: fear of success; fear of failure and sometimes just fear of the unknown.”


Corporate Trainings and Best Business Practices

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre about how NLP can help businesses and professional teams operate more efficiently.


“…NLP has proven to be a powerful tool for increasing the effectiveness of communication within corporate workforces, and teaches communication skills that improve not only internal business communications, but relationships with clients and outside suppliers as well…”


Radio Interviews with Phyllis LeFevre

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre containing various audio records and radio station appearences.


“Our founder, Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre, has become a regular on the Lomil Truitt radio show, Where Preception is Everything, which airs on KPFT in Houston, Texas.”


Books and Digital Desources About NLP

An article by NLP Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre


“Changing Belief Systems With NLP illuminates how our beliefs are a very powerful influence on our behavior. It is common wisdom that if someone really believes he can do something, he will do it; and if he believes something is impossible, no amount of effort will convince him that it can be accomplished. Our beliefs about ourselves and what is possible in the world around us greatly impact our day-to-day effectiveness.”

Phyllis LeFevre is a certified NLP Life Coach and Wellness Practitioner based near Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina, who develops individualized programs for permanent lifestyle change. Her company, Inspire Momentum NLP, works with clients in a one-on-one setting designing customized coaching programs that will ensure success. You can contact her at (801) 244 8333 or