NLP Life Coaching FAQ

by Phyllis LeFevre

What types of issues can NLP Life Coaching address?

Life Coaching can and has been used to address a wide variety of emotional, mental, behavioral, professional and physical challenges.

NLP has helped people establish emotional balance and experience greater and more consistent daily happiness; achieve greater professional success; and has helped people regain emotional balance who are suffering from AIDS, cancer, allergies, arthritis, migraines, stress-related problems and PTSD.

It has proven particularly useful for people attempting to lose weight and / or control eating disorders.

What are your Life Coaching sessions like?

Life Coaching largely relies on verbal communication — this isn’t a trip to the gym! — and is a way of identifying and transforming beliefs that are preventing you from achieving you goals.

An important component of my background is my experience as a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, and NLP tools are used extensively in my Life Coaching sessions.

NLP is a form of talk therapy, and is usually conducted one-on-one between a NLP practitioner and the client.

Clients experience a customized variety of processes that are designed to help clients set goals, turn goals into action plans and achieve positive outcomes.

An example of a goal would be to have more time for myself. This can be broken down to: What are actions? What do I do with time for myself? What boundaries do I need? What is my perception of myself? How does my expectation align with reality?

Processes explored in NLP Life Coaching sessions include integrating conflicts; forgiveness processes; re-imprinting an old experience; releasing enmeshments with others; communicating with body symptoms; identifying criteria for specific desired behaviors; allergy process; and trauma / phobia process, to name a few.

Our life coaching sessions are conducted on the phone or virtually because of the convenience and time-efficency it offers our clients — no trips to the office!

Virtual Life Coaching sessions also can incorporate the video features of the service which allow the coach and client to interact visually, and for the life coach to use visual aids.

Do you ever do group Life Coaching sessions?

When appropriate, group sessions are beneficial as they allow you to work with a partner and hold each other accountable for reaching goals.

Group Life Coaching sessions are usually for two people who have an established relationship like marriage, committed relationship or business partnership.

How many Life Coaching sessions will I need?

When working on a single issue, it is often possible to resolve it in one session. When we are working with multiple or more complex issues, additional sessions are usually required.

Meeting weekly for a period of time is often most effective for creating permanent results for multiple issues.

Inspire Momentum offers multi-session NLP Life Coaching programs.

How is NLP Life Coaching different from other programs that claim they can help me lose weight?

NLP Life Coaching is not a diet. Our program works from the inside out.

NLP Life Coaching identifies the emotional and psychological basis of over eating and / or making bad food choices. Once those triggers are revealed and understood healthier eating and better nutrition follow organically.

By identifying beliefs, habits, eating patterns and payoffs for behaviors first, NLP Life Coaching enables change — and weight loss — to occur easily.

For weight loss, what other resources will I need
to achieve my goals?

As we are looking at changing behaviors related to a complex interaction of food intake, nutritional value and exercise / physical activity, our experience has shown that working with a nutritionist and / or personal trainer is often helpful establishing your new behaviors and beliefs.

Does NLP Life Coaching use hypnosis?

Hypnotic language is used. The therapeutic benefit of hypnotic language is that it allows you to access the unconscious part of the brain.

Is there any medication involved?

NLP Life Coaching does not work with medication.

Is NLP Life Coaching for adults only?

NLP Life Coaching can benefit people of any age! Children and teenagers — in particular — can benefit from learning new behaviors regarding food, exercise, body image, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Phyllis LeFevre is a certified NLP Life Coach and Wellness Practitioner based near Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina, who develops individualized programs for permanent lifestyle change. Her company, Inspire Momentum NLP, works with clients in a one-on-one setting designing customized coaching programs that will ensure success. You can contact her at (801) 244 8333 or