About Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP has one simple overriding goal: to free you to generate new behaviors and choices — a new DVD — which is the foundation for renewed physical and mental health, self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and self-love!

By working one-on-one with your NLP Master Health Practitioner and Certified Life Coach you will gain an understanding of the thought patterns and habits that are standing between you and the things you want. Working together using experiential Neuro Linguistic Programming processes enables you to access internal resources, states, beliefs and attitudes that will help you achieve your goals.

Your NLP Life Coach works together with you to identify

  • Your undiscovered and unique gifts and talents
  • Your motivation for change
  • The unseen barriers you have placed between yourself and permanent lifestyle change
  • Your hidden payoff from negative or inappropriate behavior — and how to change your mind to change your life!

Unlike many other forms of talk therapy, NLP is not designed to be an open-ended process: we set specific goals and time frames, and build in an accountability system to monitor our progress developing your new — healthier — habits and behaviors.

About the evolution and methodology of NLP — and how it can empower life-transformation by changing thought patterns!

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed in the early 1970’s by John Grinder, a professor of linguistics, and Richard Bandler, a student of mathematics and psychology.


How the brain and nervous system works. What we think.


The verbal and nonverbal expressions of our thinking. What we say.


The consistent, detectable patterns (habits) of our thinking and behavior. What we do.

NLP is designed to help people detect and reprogram unconscious patterns of thought that lead to unwanted behaviors such as undermining yourself in the workplace, binge eating and substance addiction.

NLP Life Coaching enables you to break through self-imposed limitations in your personal and professional life.

For nearly 50 years NLP Life Coaches have demonstrated that by changing patterns of thought healing processes take place that enable professional and financial success, end addiction, help clients lose and maintain proper body weight, and enable increased happiness and joy.

Changing minds to change lives

The methodology is straightforward: by asking questions and reading autonomic body changes NLP Life Coaches discover how a client relates to issues of identity — including body image — personal beliefs and life goals.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a tool to look inside the mind, a way to illuminate subjective experience and ask, “Why did you do that? What goes on inside you that causes that to occur? How can we change that?”

NLP pinpoints the thought processes and beliefs that sabotage you, whether that means failing to stick with a diet; inability to realize professional goals; or chronic difficulty in establishing and maintaining emotional stability.

Organic change is natural and rapid

Your unconscious mind has all the tools you need for rapid and permanent transformation — NLP simply allows you to uncover and make use of your personal growth tools.

When you identify dysfunctional unconscious thought patterns and bring them to conscious awareness change happens organically — and quickly.

NLP Life Coaches are facilitators. We help clients tap into their own positive healing resources based on a conscious awareness of how they process information, view their health, and experience their life.

NLP has proven to be helpful to those attempting to set and achieve professional goals; lose weight and / or control eating disorders; those seeking emotional balance and a greater and more consistent experience of daily happiness; as well as helping people establish emotional balance who are suffering from AIDS, cancer, allergies, arthritis, migraines, stress-related problems and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Phyllis LeFevre is a certified NLP Life Coach and Wellness Practitioner based near Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina, who develops individualized programs for permanent lifestyle change. Her company, Inspire Momentum NLP, works with clients in a one-on-one setting designing customized coaching programs that will ensure success. You can contact her at (801) 244 8333 or phyllis@inspiremomentum.com