About Life Coach Phyllis LeFevre and Inspire Momentum NLP

Phyllis LeFevre is a Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master and holistic health practitioner based in North Carolina who enjoys a national clientele.

Phyllis is a Life Coach and the owner and senior practitioner at Inspire Momentum NLP, a holistic wellness practice located in North Carolina that offers customized programs that enable weight loss, professional success, and permanent positive lifestyle changes.

As a Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master and Health and Wellness Trainer Phyllis has used her unique ability to connect at a deep level to extend her long track record of successfully assisting people create health and balance in their lives.

Her passion is to help people reach their highest potential, whether that means losing weight; ending addictions and other unhealthy lifestyle choices; communicating more effectively in a professional or business setting, achieving financial or professional goals — or simply consistently feeling more energetic and joyful.

Phyllis LeFevre

NLP Certified Life Coach / Master Health Practitioner based in North Carolina


T (801) 244 8333

Phyllis has written many articles and essays about mental and physical wellness, achieving business goals, diet, weight loss and good nutrition. A selection of her recent articles can be read online by clicking here.

Throughout her career as a Life Coach and NLP health and wellness practitioner Phyllis has been a community activist, and has used her volunteerism to further positive outcomes for women.

Her involvement includes significant community service such as serving as Treasurer of South Florida Business Network; Secretary and President of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Miami-Dade County, Florida; Founder and Past President of the Utah Women’s Alliance for Building Community; as a board member of the Road Home; as President of the Greater Houston Business Connection; as Co-Chair of the Health and Wellness Committee of the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce and as Sponsor Co-Chair for Kingwood Women’s Club Holiday Marketplace Annual Fundraiser.